The Coming Zombie Apocalype

Is it just me, or are there zombies everywhere these days?

No, I'm serious. Zombie films, zombie plushies, zombie flashmobs, zombie parades, even little kindergarten kids playing zombies on the jungle gym. I've started wondering what the heck it's all about. See, they tell me that all science fiction is fundamentally about the present. Authors are using fantastic scenarios to express the modern state of mind about... something. And all of these zombies have to mean something about the popular subsconscious.

So I'm wondering what hysteria is being expressed by the zombie apocalypse. Is it the fear we're living in apocalyptic times? Is it fear about the state of modern medicine, and conflictedness over its successes, akin to Frankenstein? Is it zeitgeist about feeling alone and beset on all sides in the modern world - a feeling that the only ones to be trusted are a small tribe of intimates?

Somebody, anybody, help me out, here. This is on my mind a lot lately.

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