Let's Change the Game

A lot of wise heads have done a lot of heavy thinking these last few years about using the power of the collective detective for a greater good. There are a number of efforts along those lines in existence or in progress already - I'm looking at you, World Without Oil - and now, one more is joining those noble ranks.

My old partner in crime, Adrian Hon, has announced Let's Change the Game, an ARG design competition with the goal of raising money for Cancer Research UK. He's even putting up £1000 of his own money toward the prize, which is, and I quote:

The team with the best game design gets £1300 ($2600) development money, plus advice from top game designers and access to Cancer Research UK's resources - potentially including over 600 stores, thousands of volunteers and hundreds of live events

I think this is just a fantastic idea. This initiative is raising money for a deserving cause and furthering our toddling art form all in one elegant swoop. I'm cheering for this effort to be a resounding success.

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