NPR's Fundraising Game

OK, maybe it's not a game exactly.

WNYC in New York, my local NPR station, is holding its fall fundraising drive right now. The interesting thing here is that they're applying a game-like method this time around.

Today, they're trying to raise a whole day's worth of money before noon; if they succeed, they plan to leave their afternoon programming free of fundraiser nagging. It's just brilliant. It gives people a shorter time-incentive for donating and an increased sense of urgency, without actually cutting the pledge drive short. They're encouraging achievers to see if they can complete the challenge - win one for the team, as it were - and feel like they've had an interactive influence on the radio's programming. As of this writing, they're a mere $6000 short of their goal for the day. Phenomenal, considering that their goal for the whole day was on the order of $50,000.

Just goes to show that games are everywhere you care to look!

Updated to add: For those of you keeping score at home, WNYC did make its fundraising goal by noon, and the goal was much higher than I thought - a whopping $180,000 in one morning. Wow.

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