Happy New Year, boys and girls, and hopefully this year will include a lot less personal drama and a lot more posting! No promises, though.

Jane McGonigal has a really terrific post up about the Wii and how developers should approach it. The post really struck a chord with me, and in no small part because of a long-running dispute I've had with ARG SIG chairman Adam Martin about the nature of an ARG; he's waxed rapturous over how wonderful ARGs are because there's less for a developer to simulate in order to provide a game experience - the idea here being that a terrific game experience requires some degree of immersion in a simulated world.

That's always struck me as fundamentally misguided, but I've never been able to articulate what it was about it that bugged me. (Sorry, Adam!) I find myself nodding in agreement with Jane, here. The trick isn't that the world is more real, it's that the player's actions are. Maybe that's precisely the difference I was having trouble identifying before.

Thoughts, anyone?

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