Power of change

The guys at Penny Arcade have proven to be truly inspirational in their efforts to use their success as a tool for positive social change. This, my friends, is why I love gamers so very, very much.

It brings us back to that navel-gazing topic again, of course: How do you use the massive collaborative energy of an ARG to effect positive social change? It's something I'm dead sure can he harnessed, if we could only hit on the right tactic. Raising money is perhaps the easiest goal, but surely there are other vectors of change we could target with as much or more success. I wonder how we could get ARG players to visit nursing homes and tell stories, or teach technical skills in urban high schools, or clean up public parks?

We have the power of distributed human effort at our disposal. If we can harness distributed computing power for projects like SETI@home, surely we can do something even more magnificent with the human touch in play.

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