America 2049 (Lead Game Designer & Writer) 

America 2049 was a Facebook-based human rights game meant to put a face and historical context on issues such as human trafficking, abortion rights, and racial discrimination. Andrea Phillips collaborated with Heidi Boisvert to write and execute this innovative experience on behalf of Breakthrough, a global human rights organization that uses the power of pop culture to advance equality, dignity, and justice.

The Experience

America 2049 is a groundbreaking alternate reality game on Facebook that presents a near-future America at a dangerous crossroads. Human rights are in peril; democracy is on the brink of destruction.

Players found themselves in the role of an agent of the Council on American Heritage. Tasked with the capture of a presumed terrorist, they were sent into high-risk situations that challenge you to ask hard questions and make difficult decisions about how to build a better future.

America 2049 is the first Facebook game to integrate the social networking platform with many other resources, online and off: multimedia and interactive features, historical artifacts, clues planted across the Internet and real-life events at leading cultural institutions nationwide.

The game features appearances by Harold Perrineau (LOST), Victor Garber (Alias), Cherry Jones (24), Anthony Rapp (Rent), and Margaret Cho (Notorious C.H.O.), who generously donated their time to help put a face on complex issues. 

The game was nominated for a Games 4 Change award and a Katerva award. 


Public Reaction

America 2049 is a testament to how Facebook gaming has expanded far beyond the scope of watering your neighbors’ corn crops on FarmVille."
 –Huffington Post

"America 2049 may eventually become a quintessential example of an online advocacy campaign promoted entirely through social gaming."

 –The Atlantic

"Facebook game America 2049 is activism as entertainment, education as political thriller."

 –NBC News

"When was the last time you played a really engrossing video game that didn’t involve shooting zombies or controlling irrationally angry birds? Something that took a little more brainpower, with codes, secret videos and Easter Eggs located both on the Web and in real life ?

Now, when was the last time you heard about one of these games existing on Facebook?

Probably never, which is what makes America 2049 such a compelling experience."